AI driven Integration Platform to provide early insights to Business. Arohak’s On ËAI is an AI machine learning methodology that digitizes end-to-end business data across in the Enterprise by using EAI landscape.

Business Pain Points

  • Lack of reliable data dictionary to unlock the data definitions
  • No enterprise data models to view end to end business data relationships
  • Identifying business users to get the data sets are much challenging
  • Many end points to connect to get the quick outcomes.


Identifying multiple sources at one place for different data sets, it is one of the key strategies to tap the data with minimal effort & cost to unwrap the insights for business. Consolidates all sources irrespective of data models including messaging, Files, structured, unstructured and JSON.

Places where we use artificial intelligence

Health care

We have many applications in health care which works on artificial intelligence. It can improve the reliability and consistency of the treatment including patient safety. Providing virtual assistance to the customer who always monitors his/her health condition frequently has helped them a lot with their health care.

Cyber security

Though AI has limitations in securing things, it is considered as a masterpiece in detecting suspicious activities happening around. It can be of great use in data protection. Things get easier when a machine understands how to run things in the same way humans do and this helped in protecting data by using AI.


AI can be used in many of the hotels, casino, resorts and all types of residencies in favor of customer satisfaction. It can make things easier for the staff members. The customer gets a virtual assistant who can monitor his activities and provide service accordingly. 


With the increase in use of online platforms the need of AI in this industry has increased rapidly to provide flexible and uninterrupted service. The customer can get a quick glimpse of the whole business and mostly visited items are featured at the beginning, to make it easy for him to select. AI can sort out the required things by analyzing the previous experience of the customer.

Human resource management

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have clearly shown their impact on HR management by filtering people at initial stages and helping the management in reducing time and efforts placed in this. With this technology HR gets some quality time for his departments to self develop themselves and generate top quality results.